Domain Names

A domain name is a signpost that points people to the right place on the internet.

You probably come into contact with them every day, but if this is the first time you’ve considered registering one yourself, you may not have realized how important it can be to your online identity.

We need domain names because when making a call to action is in plain language, you want something descriptive, memorable, and inviting for your audience.

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Owning your piece of the internet

No matter how you use them, domain names themselves can only be “registered,” not owned. What domains do allow you to do is take ownership of your brand. Once you’re in charge of your online presence, you have control over the message, whether it’s through a website, email, or social media. If you or your business need an audience, it’s time to get your domain name.

Establish your brand

Domain names help audiences discover your content and hear your message.

Reach out to new audiences

Domain names make memorable calls to action no matter the medium.

Make a statement

Hundreds of new domain extensions tell your story exactly the way you want.

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    Easy Management

    Once you use our domain name lookup and find a suitable web address, you can manage your site through a simple interface. Managed your domain and all of its aspects from an easy-to-use control panel. Change DNS records easily across multiple domains.

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    Protect your domain from expiring and accidentally being lost by enabling auto-renewal. Switch back to manual renewal at anytime. Using this service ensures that your website domain names are always protected.

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    Domain Lock

    Once you find your perfect domain, lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers. Unlock it for transfers at anytime. Our domain name service will save your preferred name and keep it secure for when you are ready.

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    ID Protect

    ID Protect is a service that prevents your private information from being displayed publicly in the global WHOIS database. ID Protect can be applied to most domain names, but registry rules prohibit the masking of WHOIS data for .us, .ca, .uk, .de, .eu, and some other country-code TLDs.

What to do with your domain name?

Domain names are incredibly flexible tools. Individuals and businesses large and small can use them in many different ways.

Build a website:

Whether you have a static page, or a website that is constantly changing, the domain name ties everything together. You can build a blog, a product page, or an online gallery. When you control the domain, you’re in charge.

Redirect to a website:

You don’t have to build a website from scratch. Many use domains to “redirect” or point to a pre-existing page, like a social media account, an online portfolio, or a specific video. You can choose where your domain redirects to anytime.

Brand your email:

Businesses can use their domains to present a professional email address, like (YourName)@(YourBusiness).com. Your domain can help legitimize your business.

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